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Step 1 - Defining Accounting Parameters


First we schedule a call or gather information from you via email. We then fill out our Accounting Summary Sheet and submit it to you for review and confirmation.  The Accounting Summary Sheet contains an outline of the project such as, accounting begin/end dates, names of the parties involved, and the accounting due date.

Step 2 - Fee Estimate & Data Gathering


We gather all available documents from you and review them in order to provide you with: 

(A) a fee estimate. 

(B) an estimated delivery date.

 (C) an Inventory of Documents we have on hand versus what we're missing.

Rush options are available for an additional fee.

 We are happy to bill you or your client directly. 

Step 3 - Retainer


The fee estimate from Step 2 will include a description of the fees and a retainer request. Please let us know if you would like us to make any special fee considerations for your client. 

Once we have agreed on the amount, we will email you an invoice via QuickBooks that can be paid through the QuickBooks link, PayPal, or by check.

Step 4 - Ledger Preparation & Final Data Gathering


At this step, we compile all the information you have provided into our proprietary ledger tool. If we need more information we will update the Inventory of Documents and re-submit it to you. We may also send you a cut-out of our ledger to fill in missing payees and descriptions.

Step 5 - Preparation of Accounting


Finally, we will draft up the accounting and submit a copy to you for your review. Most accounting firms get stuck on balancing the accounting, but our unique ledger process makes this step quicker than usual with less balancing issues. 

Step 6 - Final Draft & Final Invoice


Once you have reviewed your draft, we will happily make any changes you would like.

When the accounting is complete we will submit the second and final invoice to you.

Please note that we reserve the right to send an interim invoice for  any projects put on hold for long periods of time.